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Infact, let me guess - you'd rather be doing something else than writing a best man speech. Something more fun than spending time on the web looking for free jokes and trying to find a free best man speech you can copy?

Hi - I'm Max Power

I've been in your shoes and I know that trying to work out what to write in a best man speech took alot of time - more time than I anticipated.

To be honest, I would much prefer to be off surfing or hanging with my family than writing a wedding speech.

A Speech Without The Worry

Wouldn't you rather sit back, plan the bucks night and not worry about writing your best man speech?

Wouldn't it be great to be that best man who gets all the congratulations and slaps on the back from the wedding guests after the speeches? Imagine, after your speech that the wedding guests flock to you and buy you drinks while they tell you how hilarious you were!

Your Speech Will Sound Like You Wrote It

Not only do you not have to worry about writing the speech, your best man speech or best man toast will sound natural - like you wrote it.

Because you did with a bit of help from us.

Of course you've used what you've found on our website including our free best man toast and speech templates, jokes and toasts. With our help, your best man wedding speech will sound natural and not like you copied it off the internet.

Show You Are Polished & Confident

A best man toast and speech reveals alot about a best man - make sure your best man wedding speech shows you are polished, funny and confident. We've seen far too many speeches that reveal the best man to be nervous, ill prepared, bumbling or conceited.

Be That Guy...

You know that guy that everything comes naturally to - speeches, toasts are all in a day's work - men surround him to hear his tales, girls hang off his arm. You know - that guy!

Let best man speech help and the team (Max & Cherry) assist. Max has been best man four times and a wedding toastmaster three times. Cherry has a natural flair for writing and together we make a dynamic team.

Max has been "that guy" at weddings and it has been great - he still gets lots of comments on his funny best man speeches

Read more about us here if you like.

P.S. Why Do We Want To Help?

Well, we believe that what we put out there comes back to us. We put all our energy into providing lots of free information to help others. You've got nothing to lose and a great best man toast and speech to gain!

Best of luck with writing your best man toast and speech

Where Do I Start?

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Best of luck with writing your best man toast and speech

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