best man speech short

Best Man Speech Short

So you're the best man and you're nervous about delivering you speech - making your best man speech short can be the easiest way to ensure that your ordeal doesn't last longer than it has to!

But just because you want to make a short best man speech, I'm here to assure you that it doesn't mean it is any less effective. Far from it infact, I've heard some awesome best man speeches that were only a couple of lines.

There's no rule that the best man speech or toast has to be a lengthy speech. Sometimes, making a best man speech short and sweet works for you and I think you can get a really punchy and effective or short and sweet best man toast delivered with just a few lines

Ultimately, the day is really about the bride and groom and your role is really to support the groom. If you are too worried about your speech then you won't be able to play your support role to the groom. That's what really matters - do what you have to to ensure you can be present in the moment with the groom (and not spend the reception dinner in the bathroom because you're so worried about what's to come, believe me I've been there....)

If this is the case with you then these short and sweet best man speech examples might be just what you need!

Maybe you're looking for help on how to write a short and sweet best man speech? Then check out our Writing A Best Man Speech page or even our eBook.

If you're wanting some examples then we've got a couple of suggestions below to show you how to keep your best man speech short.

Best Man Speech Short and Sweet #1

Thanks to all of you for coming today and sharing this special occasion with Christy and Brad. Brad and I have been friends for years and I am so happy to see him marry such a wonderful woman. Ever since Brad and Christy met, I've never seen one without the other. Their love for each other has only grown stronger even during tough times.

Thank you, Brad, for being such a good friend. I wish you and Christy the best of everything as you share long and happy lives. Cheers!

Best Man Speech Short And Sweet #2

Now it is my great honor and privilege to make the first toast to Carlos and Gabby as husband and wife. While some people know that Carlos and I went to high school and college together, few are aware that we first met while playing Little League baseball in grade school. Carlos played for the Wisteria Gladiators and I played for their arch rival, the Evergreen Tigers. I was pitching during the final game of the season when Carlos hit a grand slam home run. He ran the bases like a demon and scored the winning run, crushing my ego for years.

While that embarassment was temporary, the positive impression Carlos made on me later as a classmate, teammate, roommate and friend will last forever. Carlos has always been there for me. He is honest, caring, thoughtful and an all round great guy. Heck, if I was a woman, we'd be the ones getting married today!

But seriously, I think he's made a much better choice in Gabby. Let us toast them and wish them a long life together filled with love and laughter. May their joys be many and their sadnesses few. Congratulations!

Best Man Speech - Very Short and Sweet!

If the thought of speaking infront of the wedding guests is really panicking you then you could choose to pick one of these very short but very sweet free best man speeches.

I always think you should try and extend yourself so I'd always recommend going for a longer speech but nevertheless I have them below just in case!

  • Today we celebrate all the good things you have found in each other, a best friend, a lover, a teacher, a playmate and a true partner in life. Cheers!
  • If things get tough, remember how happy you were today and see each other always in this warm glow of joy. Best wishes to Tony and Amanda!

  • If you can find the humor in whatever happens to you, your lives will be full of joy. Congratulations!

  • As you go through life, remember that being together makes it all worthwhile. I wish you the best.

  • To love, laughter and a happy ever after!

  • May your kitchen always be filled with your favorite food and beverages and your bedroom with the warmth of your embraces.

  • May your love and friendship grow every day you are together.

  • May your lives overflow with love, health and wealth and may you have the time and wisdom to enjoy them all.

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